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An artist can be anyone. Just if its simple line drawings.

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Fake Pockets: A How To

dude. this comic was made for me.



His cheeks began to burn, turning red at the girls’ words. ‘Does she mean like a date..?’ he thought. The boy couldn’t help but smile as he read and reread the note. Sure! That sounds like fun! he replied before giving the note back, trying to wipe the smile off his face but failing to do so.

     ❀—When she turned around to take the paper, she noticed him smiling. What was he smiling about? She turned to face the front, looking at the piece of paper. Rapunzel was smiling too, when she read his reply.

     ❀—Just when she was about to write her reply, the bell rang. Whoa, that was fast. The girl took her things and went to the brunette, holding out a hand, “Name’s Rapunzel Corona. You?” She looked down at her watch and waved, walking away, “Ah, wouldn’t want to be late! See you at lunch!”


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     Forgiveness by BASTAFUNK


Wonder Anna! (-:

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AU Idea: Hans is Anna’s twin.

//I saw this nifty au with Kristoff as Elsa’s brother, and I thought, well, what if Hans and Anna were twins, Elsa’s little brother and sister?

In this AU, Hans knows about Elsa’s powers, because his memories weren’t altered when Anna’s head was struck with ice. Because of this, Elsa still talks to Hans after she shuts everyone else out, and their parents trust him to look after her when they go away.

Anna, meanwhile, takes Elsa’s silence very personally, because she doesn’t understand why Elsa would only talk to Hans. Anna grows up very close to her twin brother, and clings to him a lot. He’s literally her only friend, and Elsa envies their relationship.

Hans, though… He doesn’t show it, but he really hates keeping Elsa’s secret, and constantly lying to Anna about it. He may even see Elsa as something of a burden, since he has to take care of her all the time.

When Elsa strikes Anna in the heart with ice, Hans finally snaps. He locks Elsa in the secret prison their father built, and decides to take the throne for himself. Maybe the power of love finally brings the three siblings together, or maybe it ends tragically for all of them…

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Just somebody hopelessly in between.

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Andy flinched at the teacher’s warning, but was soon relieved once the teacher continued on, letting the note go unnoticed. Retrieving the note from the kid between them, he mouthed a little ‘thanks’, then read the girls’ reply.

That’s great to hear then, thanks! And I forget… it may have been Thom Reed? he wrote back, handing the note over again.

     ❀—She giggled a little in her seat as she read it. Thom Reed? Ah, a friend of hers. Oh Thomas. Yeah, it’s him alright.. The blonde girl folded it back and was about to hand it over. Then she remembered. Oh hey, btw.. Wanna hang out this lunch time? Just, you know, get to know each other?” And finally handed it over.

     ❀—She smiled in her seat and pretended to listen to the discussion. Her fingers were playing with the pencil she was holding, she was waiting.